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Nurtured because it is a snowy land,

​Tokamachi with its rich food culture

He harvests wild vegetables himself, stores them using traditional methods of preservation, and cooks them.

There was such a "meal that makes the most of the ingredients" in our house.

I would like to continue to discover new ways of cooking and preserving food that have been used since ancient times.

Protecting and inheriting the richness of the food of this land,

I want to create the shape of cooking with my own expression.

Not only meat and fish, but also crops and plants have individual differences.

Where does it grow and when can it be harvested?

What about sunshine, water sources, altitude and types of trees?

Precisely because you can see where the thing is rooted and alive,

I feel that I can get inspiration that leads to cooking.

Seasoning changes depending on the growing environment of the ingredients.

​ ``How long will it be delicious for you?''

-- Yes, listen carefully to the voice of the material.


​ Tomoko Yuge


​ shopkeeper

Born in 1977 in Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture. During his school days, he was a cross-country skier. While living a competitive life, I learned the importance of physical fitness and food

learn. After graduating from university and going through a culinary school, he worked at a Japanese restaurant in Kita-Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, “Kita-Kamakura Hachinoki,” and in Kitashinchi, Osaka, “Kappo Fukuchiku.”

Trained at Kuzushi Kappo Ryoan in Shinjuku, Tokyo. after marriage and childbirth

He has also experienced making school lunches for macrobiotics and kindergartens.

After returning to Tokamachi, he was involved in the launch of a farmer's restaurant,

While re-learning kaiseki cuisine at a local resort hotel,

Explore food culture. Impressed by the richness of food in Tokamachi every day

I am impressed by the patience and passion of the people who live here.

In March 2021, "Yuge" will open to serve local cuisine.

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