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Ingredients that store umami after a severe snow season.

​ Created by listening to the voice, a rich dish only for that day.


Tokamachi is a land of deep snow, ​and
it has cultivated a rich food culture.

Mountain vegetables, patiently waiting for spring under the snow, are grown in pure water and have a strong flavor with minimal bitterness.

In summer, the large temperature difference between day and night and abundant water provide rich nourishment for crops.

In autumn, mushrooms and nuts are abundant.

In winter, hunting becomes easier with the footprints left on the snow, and you can enjoy game meat that has become plump and flavorful by eating nuts.

How does that sound?

Would you be able to taste the flavors of the nature in Tokamachi?

I grew up eating freshly picked wild vegetables with a genuine taste harvested by my grandfather.

I harvest the mountain vegetables myself, store them using traditional preservation methods, and cook them.

Such ...

About store hygiene measures


To ensure that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind

We are taking the following measures.

・Installation of hand sanitizer

​・Ventilation in the store

・Thorough cleaning and disinfection

・ Spacious seat spacing​

・ Space sterilization with a sprayer

・Use cash tray at checkout

・Thorough hand washing and disinfection by employees

・Employee physical condition management


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